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Prom Limo Service

Prom Night with Broadway Limousine

It’s always been easy to book a ride with Broadway Limousine. Comfort, friendliness, affordability, promptness, and reliability are just a phone call away. We’re the trusted limousine choice among students and their families when it comes to Prom Nights. By booking a prom limo today with Broadway Limousine, you can be confident that both you and your friends are going to have an enjoyable ride — and one that you will remember forever.

Over 15 Years of Experience Making Proms More Memorable

Broadway Limousine has been in the business of accessible and affordable prom limo rentals for twenty years. We serve the entire Orlando Metro from the Central Business District and Metro West to Lake Eola and Orwin Manor. We know which vehicles you want for that wow factor. Whether it’s a pink hummer, black limousine, or luxury car, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make your experience more memorable with safe, reliable transportation that fits the bill.

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Make your night sparkle with our luxury rides!

Our latest vehicles with customized interiors are at the lowest prices available. We know what it's like to be an excited student or concerned parents. We're available 24/7, so our drivers won't go home until you do. If you're a parent who's unsure about your child being out all night, our drivers are more than happy to exchange contact information so you can check in with them at any time.

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Benefits of Prom Limo Rental with Broadway!

Transportation to the prom venue is equally important as everything else, like the dresses and hairstyles. Here are five reasons to rent a prom limo and avoid unnecessary stress.

Prom Limo Services is the best to show up in style.

An event calls for an extraordinary ride. Prom night is one of the most memorable experiences in every adolescent’s life. The perfect occasion to leave a lasting impression on your classmates and peers.

It is also something everybody will talk about at high school reunions years later. Prom limo rental is a door-to-door service that provides a comfortable ride that complements the formal attire and sense of the event.

Limousines exude style, high class, and luxury. Prom limo will make you feel essential and confident when you step out onto the red carpet and walk into the hall. You will surely start the night off on the right track.

“Last month we had this important meeting with investors for our company and we wanted to make a good impression. So me and my partner found this website and rented this Mercedes sedan to wait for us at Orlando airport and drive us around all day long. The driver, Joe, was on time to pick us up after every meeting and then take us to the next office building and then finally in the evening to our dinner and back to the airport. We had a stressful day and presenting to investors is a bit exhausting, but at least we didn't have to worry about transportation and could just unwind in the car between our meetings and prepare for the next one. Really good and professional service, just what we needed that day.”

- John S. Chaney

Impress your date with a limousine for prom night

You have finally found the courage to ask your date to go to prom with you, and you want to impress her or him? And what could impress them more than seeing you pull up in front of their house in a fabulous car to pick them up, looking all dapper and self-confident?

Prom night is a special occasion, and a limousine is necessary to complete the atmosphere. Arriving at the party in a prom limo and having a chauffeur to open the door to you and your date will make quite the entrance. Your date will be impressive and feel very important and appreciated.

Prom night requires elegance; hence girls wear formal gowns, and guys put on their suits or tuxedos. At prom, you want to look your best, dress your best and have the time of your life. The impeccable appearance of the limo for prom perfectly complements the occasion.

It would be best if you had your outfit, hair, and makeup to remain intact; the best decision is to use a trusted and professional prom limo service. This way, you will avoid wrinkling your clothes by cramming yourselves in a tiny car.

Rent a prom limo and extend your evening

The end of the prom night doesn’t have to be the end of the party. Instead, you can arrange an after-party or some other memorable event and invite your friends to join you. Or, you can take your date somewhere wildly romantic to top off the night. Whichever place you choose, your limo driver will take you to.

The best reason for renting a limo service for prom night is convenience. Hiring a limo makes sense because most drivers know the area well, which is essential if the celebration is located somewhere outside of your high school.

Prom limo service will ensure you arrive everywhere on time and safely, mainly if that punch contains a little bit of alcohol.

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Cadillac Escalade Limo

Cadillac Escalade Limo

18 Passengers | More Info

Lincoln MKT Black Stretch Limo

Lincoln MKT Black Stretch Limo

10 Passengers | 6 Bags | More Info

Black Hummer Limo

Black Hummer Limo

18 Passengers | More Info

White Hummer Limo

White Hummer Limo

16 Passengers | More Info

Leave the Parents stress-free with Broadway Prom Limo Rental.

As parents of a teenager, they already have plenty to worry about. And on your prom night, a dozen more things get added to their stress. The most important thing for them is that you remain safe that night.

Hiring a reputable limo service means that only a professional, experienced, and the extensively trained driver is sitting behind the wheels. Synonyms for proms are fun and exciting. With Broadway's prom limo service, you won’t need to worry about navigating the streets or finding a free parking spot. You can instead relax and enjoy the night with friends.

Getting a limo or a party bus means your parents will have peace of mind that a prom limo rental service will ensure you and your friends to the dance and back home safely and on time.

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Get $10 Off, when you book a round trip.